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Brave Women Project
is a community

Our Story

Our Purpose

Our Vision

Women coming together and doing hard things has long been the bedrock of civilization. At various times in our

lives, we need to be brave enough to lean on a community of encouragers as we face the scary things. As the founder of the Brave Women Project, Holly McIlwain shifted her focus from doing one scary thing every day to having the courage to do one brave thing everyday instead. She expanded her reach through this shift.

Holly's vision is to create a community for even more women to join together on our journey towards radical bravery. A space for continuous growth, and an ongoing evolution of ideas and shared successes. A space for education and process improvement. A space for encouragement through struggle and sorrow. A space that allows WOMEN to gather.


Our Brave Women Project was born through 9 months of labor and bravery. We've gathered some brave women together, through perseverance and tears, to build the foundation for this Project into a tangible offering for more women to move into brave action and Do Brave Things. Our community focuses our journey leaning into the 5 E’s for Life: Engaging, Encouraging, Empowering, Educating, and Evolving.


Something is happening. Our Brave Women Project is taking shape. As a powerful network of professional women supporting each other, existing in kindness, generosity, and encouragement. We are building a community of women making moments count and where everything matters. We are creating our Brave Women Project and inviting you into this space.


A village of brave warrior women are gathering; in it for each other and ready to open a door and have a seat at the table; we are for the women looking for their strong, brave tribe. 

Brave Women Project exists to develop opportunities for women of diverse backgrounds to move into brave action through conscious choice and intentionality within our spheres of influence. We use the 5 Es for Life - Engage, Encourage, Empower, Educate, Evolve - as a guide for women to promote equity through developing in four core areas: relationships, professional, impact, and wellness.

The ability to move into brave action comes from our community of women as we experience the power of unparalleled encouragement. Through peer to peer education and constant evolution, we engage women as they identify areas in their lives where bravery is needed.

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