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strategic partners

BWP's strategic partners are experts in their respective fields and are offering their unique skills to our members. 

Brittany Onufrak

health & fitness


Health and fitness have been the focus of all that Brittany has done in her life. She grew up immersed in the fitness industry, with her parents owning a gym, her mother being a fitness trainer, and her father hosting body building shows every 4th of July weekend. From an early age she knew how powerful MOVEMENT was for the body and how good it made people feel! Within her academic studies, she was always fascinated with the body and how it works. She aimed to challenge herself and her physical capabilities within her activities as a dancer and runner during high school. Her love of the arts motivated her to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA, where she began her career journey. Brittany loved being able to MOVE her audiences through song and dance. She also made a personal commitment to her own health & fitness, engaging in dance classes and exploring various nutritional resources to support her personal knowledge.


After several years of professional musical theatre contracts that prompted her to travel across the country, Brittany found herself yearning to continue her education, but this time in Exercise Science. She switched gears, putting her heart and soul into her Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Pittsburgh. She was so intrigued by the power of prevention and helping others make sense of their healthy changes, not only for “right now,” but for LIFE— long-term, consistent, healthy behavior changes. She brought her knowledge and enthusiasm with every role she took on. Brittany started out as a personal trainer and by teaching a multitude of group fitness classes, then as an exercise physiologist, conducting 1:1 wellness consultations and administering fitness assessments, and then designing personalized exercise programming for various populations at corporate wellness centers and Pittsburgh’s Children’s hospital.


In between her fitness endeavors she found an opportunity that married both of her worlds, theatre and exercise. Educating audiences through leading on-camera fitness routines for the Walk At Home program, a renowned indoor walking program that has helped so many people get moving through the power of aerobic walking. Additionally, Brittany became a clinical health coach learning to dig deep with her clients, uncovering their barriers and their inner “why,” to better understand them and truly personalize their healthy action plans. To add to her credentials, she then pursued her National Wellness Practitioner Certification from the National Wellness Institute, where she continues her education and continues to connect with other wellness professionals.


As she became a mother of 2 boys on her fitness journey, she began to better understand the importance and great need for consistent wellness in her own life. As her time was no longer her own and she no longer had control over the things she used to—this beautiful, but deep layer of motherhood has driven Brittany even further to want to help other moms who are struggling or just need someone to guide them.


Brittany is so thrilled to be apart of this Brave Women Project because everyone's journey is unique and everyone’s journey matters— and each of us CAN create what that looks like with the small changes we make each and every day. We have the power— we are brave enough to change for the better!

Christina is not a self-made success story. She learned success by relying on those around her for assistance, guidance and opportunity. Growing up the daughter of divorced, substance abusive parents; she was determined at a young age that she would not become a statistic. She grew up within unstable emotional, psychological and physical conditions, experienced sexual abuse, as well as witnessed drug and alcohol use by her parents. Her deepest desire was to get out of that environment and create a safe "normal" place to call home, and to be loved, feel physically and psychologically safe and supported by good people.

Through opportunity, amazing friends, a few family members, mentors, hard work and determination she successfully beat the odds and wants to pay it forward.  Her mission is to be a Robin Hood of motivation and inspiration. Many people in her life provided opportunities, direction, and taught her how to reprogram her mind, body and soul. She wants to share with others how they can too beat the odds and realize their own grit.
Christina has been a top performer in sales since the day she met her first client. She attributes her success to her ability to connect with her clients. Developing a strong relationship with customers has always been her number one priority. She took this skill into her next role as a sales manager. Her number one priority as a sales manager was to connect with those she lead. The goal was to focus on the team and not the number. Today she is a software territory sales manager by day and coaches during the evenings and weekends. She is a wife and mother to 3 gentle giant mastiffs.

As a strategic partner, Christina will be hosting members-only coaching sessions once a month. You can register for the next one here! 

Christina Styers

Coach Candid

CStyers (2).jpg

Megan Wollerton

wellness coach

Megan Profile Pro.jpg

Megan Wollerton worked in the male-dominated oil and gas industry for six years before finally taking the risk to break out on her own and start focusing on wellness. She went from managing a service department to helping others achieve their wellness goals. Megan found a passion for exercise and nutrition coaching but recognized the need for mental resiliency in her clients. Making changes to one’s activity level and diet can be difficult, especially if clients do not have the right mindset.

Megan has studied various topics ranging from proper exercise progression, dieting, intermittent fasting to mental resiliency and behavior change. This led her to create Life Force Wellness LLC, a wellness organization that focuses on work-life balance and seven distinct areas of well-being: purpose, mental, environmental, emotional, relational, physical, and financial. Megan has a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in psychology. She holds certifications as a personal trainer, health coach, nutrition coach, corporate wellness specialist and positive psychology practitioner. BWP Members can download the Life Force Wellness App and join the community.

Megan's Certifications: Personal Trainer, ACE; Health Coach, ACE; Nutrition Coach, PN; Corporate Wellness Specialist, GH; Positive Psychology Practitioner, FC.

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